Youth Movement Class

FALL 2022 Youth Movement Class 

Ages 9 Years-5th Grade…Boys or Girls

**Fall Resumption date released soon**

Next Level Members… $12.50 per session …Non-Members…$15 per 

Our 2 day per week FALL Sessions are designed to lay a FOUNDATION for proper movement in young, physically developing athletes. The focus is on enhancing core balance, speed, strength, agility, lateral movement & acceleration, in order to ACHIEVE GREATER ATHLETICISM & REDUCE INJURY PROBABILITY. This is a balanced program & we factor the developmental age of the athlete into our planned progressions. There is a heavy emphasis on PROPER MOVEMENT.  We will be looking to progress each athlete. To Register, or for questions, Call Coach Lance Martin at 301-535-0436 or Trent Britt at 252-756-NEXT (6398) or stop by.