07 Jul COVID-19 UPDATE….

We are mostly OPEN. While things are not “normal”, we have adjusted, as we’ve been asked to. Continued………While we have made numerous changes to our operations this summer, our mission remains the same….TO PREPARE OUR ATHLETES PHYSICALLY, SKILL-WISE, MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY TO EXCEL IN GAME COMPETITION. AND TO PROVIDE A TRAINING HOME, FOR BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL PLAYERS OF ALL AGES AND ABILITIES. Due to the space we have, and because we have so many hours to spread our traffic out during the summer (with school out), we are able to accommodate everyone safely, while operating at just 25% of capacity. Our athletes have had an extremely productive June, and we want to thank all of our members, guests and teams, for helping abide by all of our cleaning and social distancing measures we’ve put in place during these trying times. Thank you to everyone for your INCREDIBLE support! (Pictured is a socially-distant video & data review session, prior to players getting in separate cages).