Andrew Wallen Commits To UNC Baseball!

18 Apr Andrew Wallen Commits To UNC Baseball!

Congratulations to ANDREW WALLEN (JH Rose ’24) on COMMITTING to UNC ⚾️. I’m gonna vary “off-script” a little on this one because I think his PATH is an important one for other talented players to understand……

I beat the “EVERYONE’S PATH IS DIFFERENT” drum frequently and he embodies that. At the start of his JUNIOR year, just 8 months ago, Andrew had little/no interest from the school’s that he & his family were interested in, despite possessing VERY unique size (6′ 7″). Instead of panicking, or pouting, or focusing on what was going on with other people’s recruiting process, he focused inward. An honest assessment was done. An intentional plan was put in place. And he REALLY got to work in a number of areas. (Hitting, Pitching, Physical, Mentality). He has a great support network of coaches, both on-field and off, but much of that work was done by Andrew “in the dark”. It’s really fun to see talent/hard work/intentional preparation/PERFORMANCE all come together. The work’s certainly not done, but his improvement has been very tangible. He’s an outstanding young man & about as humble as anyone I’ve been around, constantly deflecting praise. But in this case, he’s more than earned it!